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Can a Cloud Based Payroll Service Still Be on a Personal Basis With Your Business

Payroll is a service that most businesses outsource. However, a business can often times be disappointed with the lack of personal contact and availability from their newly chosen provider.

When support is needed from the payroll service, it can seem that customer care is coming from the cloud, not just the payroll service. Customer service should always be coming from people, not a cloud.

You should be able to benefit from the convenience and cost savings available through outsourcing your payroll services to an online service and still receive personal care when you need support and assistance. The relationship with your payroll service does not have to be impersonal just because it is an online service.

For instance, Payroll Unlimited, Inc. is a full service payroll company that has been providing payroll and benefits solutions to small and medium size businesses in New Jersey, New York, and nationwide since 1992. The key difference for Payroll Unlimited compared to the other payroll service providers is the professional, knowledgeable individual that answers the phone every time!

To quote just one customer;

Payroll Unlimited has been extremely helpful and I have had nothing but great experiences dealing with this company for over 19 years.  What I really like is that when you call them there is ALWAYS a live pleasant knowledgeable person to talk to and not a recording.  To me that means so much.  Their reports are always accurate.  They are extremely accommodating for all our needs.  I highly recommend them to any company or individual who is interested in their services.
Eda H.
Office Manager, Real Estate Management

Call Payroll Unlimited at 201-703-1313 and you will speak to a live person that understands payroll, HR and benefits administration.

Here, you can see a quick demo? To see a live demo, fill out this form. When you submit the form, you will also receive an Employee Self-Service Report.



Outsourcing Payroll Should Benefit the Employee and the Employer

Almost all businesses outsource their payroll services. A business can have several reasons or objectives to meet. However, the result should always be better service to the employee and reduced cost and effort for the employer.

For the employer, the benefits can be to reduce their in-house training, concentrate on their core business or ensure that they are providing the best services to their employees. The benefits to the employee should be access to knowledgeable resources. This can be through personal contact or employee self-service.

Business payrolls are complicated. Assorted taxes must be filed consistently and accurately to applicable regulatory agencies. These regulations are in a constant state of change. To be an expert resource for employees is a tremendously difficult task. To take the role of the expert on these changing regulations creates a business risk that is unnecessary.

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Did You Choose the Right Payroll Service for Your Company?

Every business should outsource activities that are not within the realm of the core business. Unless the company is in the business of providing payroll services, performing payroll in-house will cause a large time and money drain.

Payroll is a service that most businesses outsource. Some of the key functional features that a business looks for in a payroll service are:

1) Easy to Use Web-based Payroll Solution

2) Data Entry 

3) Comprehensive Reports

4) Employee Self Service

5) Human Resource Features

However, a business can be disappointed after choosing a payroll service provider. The disappointment will set in when support is needed from the provider. That is the time when a business can find that the ‘personal touch’ is missing in their chosen provider. Support from a payroll service provider can be hard to reach and, when finally reached, lacking in knowledge and quality.

Payroll Unlimited, Inc. is a full service payroll company that has been providing outstanding payroll and benefits solutions to small and medium size businesses nationwide since 1992. The key difference for Payroll Unlimited compared to the other payroll service providers is the professional, knowledgeable individual that answers the phone every time!

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Outsourcing Payroll Helps the Company Focus on their Core Business

Management should look for ways to outsource activities which are outside the company’s in-house expertise. When a company recognizes internal business processes are being done, which are not part of the core business, alternatives should be considered for improved efficiency.

The core business is that which supports the company’s reputation. It is how the company is known and recognized within the market it participates. The core business establishes the primary activities that a company focuses through its in-house expertise.  When new employees are hired, the skills pursued are those that will support the core business. In addition to determining the skills and expertise of its employees, the core business will often times establish the entire culture within the organization. The culture will naturally develop from the people who have the required skills to perform the core business activities.

A business should outsource those activities that are not within the realm of the core business. However, a small business can sometimes find itself performing activities that are not within their area of expertise. This situation can occur because there is so much to do and so little time to do it all. Even though there may be recognition by upper management that activities are happening which are not part of the normal business, decisions are not made to take the steps to outsource those activities.

As long as a company stays focused on its core business, the business will run efficiently and more cost effectively.

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Human Resources

How Payroll Services Features Can Help Human Resources Encourage Employee Enagagement

The Human Resource department is always interested in ways to increase employee engagement. There are effective steps that can be taken and do not require grand plans.

The goal for employee engagement is to help employees align their personal career goals with the company’s goals. Companies do not like to see their employees just collecting a paycheck. They want their employees engaged in the present and future success of the company.

According to HR Morning INFOGRAPHIC: Employee engagement — what it is and isn’t, engaged employees lead to higher service, higher customer satisfaction, increased sales, higher levels of profit, and higher shareholder returns. These are significant benefits to the company.

The employee needs to trust that focusing on the company’s goals does not restrict the employee from reaching their own personal career goals. Trust is a critical factor in the success of a company increasing their employee engagement.

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Payroll Reports

Automated Payroll Reports Reduce Costs and Risk

A cloud-based payroll service can greatly reduce your costs by helping you avoid unnecessary penalties by staying in front of ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Payroll Reporting is one of the major benefits of an automated payroll process. Automated reports can quickly provide analysis of the data and organize the information into required formats meeting government regulations.

As the National Payroll Reporting Consortium (NPRC) states “Federal, state and local agencies have developed a wide variety of reporting rules, formats and media over time. This diversity alone poses significant challenges for the Industry. Here are a few examples:

  • Mandatory use of specific reporting media, such as electronic filing or payments, may apply to either payroll service organizations, or to large employers.
  • Some states ask that particular technologies be employed, which may have been designed for individual employers, or are otherwise inappropriate for bulk filings.
  • The Industry has difficulties with unique client authorization requirements, such as state-specific Powers of Attorney, notarization, or additional registration requirements such as supplemental authorization forms to report using an electronic technology.”

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Time and Attendance

Automated Time and Attendance Has a Positive Effect on the Bottom Line

Automating your employees’ time and attendance can significantly reduce your company’s overhead when compared to manual methods. And, it’s easy to do.

Manually tracking employees’ time and attendance can be quite an expensive endeavor. Tracking when and where employees start and stop work, meals and breaks, vacation time is difficult. Implementing an automated timekeeping solution can provide a return on investment quickly and easily.

Direct and indirect savings come from automating time and attendance. The American Payroll Association estimates that the rate of human error in time card preparation and calculations is between 1% and 8%. A 2% error rate on a $15,000 payroll would equal $300 in erroneous wages (each pay period). An automated system can produce the data today’s employers need, increase productivity and reduce overtime costs.

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employee self service card

What Drives the Demand for Employee Self Service?

The desire for general self-service did not start in this millennium. The first vending machine was actually made in the late 1800’s, soon followed by self-service gas pumps in the early 1900’s. Although quickly getting candy and fuel was good, easy access to information was the ultimate desire. Nothing would be more valuable to us than easy access to our personal information.

Large amounts of employee data began to be collected in the 1970’s and stored in large computer mainframes. The computer room, in those days, was labeled ‘the glass house’ because many businesses built their computer rooms within a glass enclosure. You could see the computer, but you could not get in to touch it. Access was strictly restricted, as was your personal information the computer contained.

When the Internet became available to the average person in the 1980s, we were given access to public information never before imagined. In the 1990’s, we saw Internet services start-up such as Amazon, eBay and Google to name only a few of the ground-breakers. By the 2000’s, businesses recognized the need to unlock the personal information they were holding in their computers. Businesses began to deploy online services for their employees with access allowed through account names and passwords; enabling the employee to have immediate access to their own personal information.

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