Human Resources

How Payroll Services Features Can Help Human Resources Encourage Employee Enagagement

The Human Resource department is always interested in ways to increase employee engagement. There are effective steps that can be taken and do not require grand plans.

The goal for employee engagement is to help employees align their personal career goals with the company’s goals. Companies do not like to see their employees just collecting a paycheck. They want their employees engaged in the present and future success of the company.

According to HR Morning INFOGRAPHIC: Employee engagement — what it is and isn’t, engaged employees lead to higher service, higher customer satisfaction, increased sales, higher levels of profit, and higher shareholder returns. These are significant benefits to the company.

The employee needs to trust that focusing on the company’s goals does not restrict the employee from reaching their own personal career goals. Trust is a critical factor in the success of a company increasing their employee engagement.

There are strategic plans that a company can undertake to encourage employee engagement. However, there are also pragmatic steps that provide a foundation for success. The company’s payroll service can be a source for some of those fundamental steps.

One, for instance, is to offer payroll employee self-service. ESS provides the employee a sense of control over their personal payroll record information. This builds trust between the company and the employee.

The Human Resources department must be a consideration in features of payroll services. Expanding payroll services provides HR with tools they greatly need. Payroll Unlimited Offers Excellent Human Resources Features

  • Human Resoources FeaturesHuman Resources Features Include:
    • Five Levels of Organizational Setup
    • Pension Plan Census Data
    • Track Education Levels
    • Track Dependents
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Events
    • Employee Document Storage
    • EEOC Classification
    • Union Affiliation
    • Review Tracking
    • Pay Grades
  • The Payroll Unlimited System Contains Built-In Insurance Module
    • Insurance Plan Tracking
    • Control Amount & Deduction Frequency
    • Eliminates EE deduction updates
    • Facilitate Benefits Administration Reporting functions

A business has much to gain by encouraging employee engagement. This certainly needs a major effort on the part of the company. However, there are also steps that can facilitate and empower both the employee and the Human Resources department. To discuss the benefits of Human Resources features and Employee Self-Service in payroll services, contact Payroll Unlimited, Inc at 201-703-1313

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