Time and Attendance

Automated Time and Attendance Has a Positive Effect on the Bottom Line

Automating your employees’ time and attendance can significantly reduce your company’s overhead when compared to manual methods. And, it’s easy to do.

Manually tracking employees’ time and attendance can be quite an expensive endeavor. Tracking when and where employees start and stop work, meals and breaks, vacation time is difficult. Implementing an automated timekeeping solution can provide a return on investment quickly and easily.

Direct and indirect savings come from automating time and attendance. The American Payroll Association estimates that the rate of human error in time card preparation and calculations is between 1% and 8%. A 2% error rate on a $15,000 payroll would equal $300 in erroneous wages (each pay period). An automated system can produce the data today’s employers need, increase productivity and reduce overtime costs.

The time and attendance system should be robust in its security and provide easy access. Payroll Unlimited offers an easy to use cloud-based payroll solution. You can access these web based products directly from your computer systems.

An example of its powerful features are:

Import from Time Clock File

  • Track Time Off Accruals
    • Unlimited policies
    • Track hours used & available
    • Date sensitive
    • Remote user can input updates

Contact Payroll Unlimited Inc. to discuss the bottom line savings of an automated time and attendance process. 201-703-1313

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